What You Need to Know about Video Interviews

21 Feb


 When a company is interviewing candidates they usually have so many people that they need to interview all in one day and the whole process can be really tiresome for them.  The good thing is that companies nowadays are investing in applications which they use in recording interviews that will be used by the interviewees.  Video interviews are becoming quite popular thanks to technology and so many companies are opting for this option when it comes to interviewing their candidates.  When it comes to video interviews they are actually quite easier compared to phone call interviews, and it is important for people to do a thorough research in order for them to know how they should prepare themselves for such an interview.  Video interviews originally the best because you can be able to see the interviewer and you can read their demeanor.  It is important for someone to know how to conduct themselves in a more professional manner because most people are usually used to video calls as an informal activity.  When it comes to video interviews a person can take the interview where ever they are thus saving money and effort that they would have used in going all the way to the company's offices for the interactive interview.

The video interviewing also help companies because as they ease up the job as they don't have to bring in dozens of candidates for in person interviews. One on one interviews should mainly be for candidates that you feel you will like to interview them personally so that you can get to know them in a better way and if you use a video interview first you will be able to identify candidates that are more qualified for such an interview. Thanks to technology you can be able to record the questions that you want the applicants to answer and then you can listen to the answer at your own time. The interviewer needs to create only one video which will be used by all candidates thus making things a lot easier for them because one video is enough for such an interview.  

The interviewer should send the interview to the candidates, and then they are given a chance to answer the questions at their own free time and when they are done they can submit the interview to you.   Most of the interviews usually take two minutes, and as soon as a candidate sends you the video it is up to you to choose when you can go through the videos and then when you are done, it is important for you to choose someone that has answered the question well and you are certain that they deserve the position. To gain more knowledge on the importance of video interview, visit https://www.encyclopedia.com/social-sciences/applied-and-social-sciences-magazines/interviewing.

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